Push and Pull Experiments – A Unit of Fun!!! Free Resources

Last term we completed a unit on Push and Pull and Forces. I’ve never had so much fun in a classroom as I attempted to do an experiment every week – the kids very much appreciated it!

To kick off we did a Wondering Wall with the students questions and what they already know. Then we started with the experiments…IMG_2555

Friction Experiments

We discussed friction and created a definition. Then students selected different surfaces to test and in small groups, tested friction with toy cars.

Wind Power 

We explored the power of wind – how it has the power to push and pull. Students then constructed little wind race tracks to test other people in the class. Using a straw, students used wind power (by blowing air) to push a Malteser through the different tracks. The absolutely loved it!


TIMG_2432ea Bag Rockets

A kid favourite!!!! Empty a simple tea bag, stand it on its end, then light the top. The fire will travel down the bag to the very bottom. At that point, all the hot air, that’s been pushed down the bag cylinder pushes the ashes up into the air – entertaining the kids to no end!!! Gravity then brings the ashes back down. We probably did this experiment 5 times, the kids were obsessed!

Pom Pom PoppersIMG_2735

Students loved this one. Use Pom Poms Poppers to create anarchy in the classroom. Explore the force of pull and how tension can produce a push. Google it for further instruction on how to make them – it is well worth it!

Paper aeroplanes

In groups of 4, kids made different paper aeroplanes. Templates and different designs were provided so that each member could make a different kind. We discussed the effects of wind, gravity and thrust (in paper aeroplanes, our muscles pushing the plane).

Every week the kids looked forward to what experiment we were going to complete. It took me a little while to find a good range of experiments to do during the unit, which suited Push and Pull or Forces. Here’s hoping this little run down helps someone else!

Free Resource HERE – Push and Pull Experiments

Push and Pull


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