Making Predictions – resources to support kids explaining and reflecting on their predictions!

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There is resource galore for exploring ‘making predictions’ in our reading programs. SO MUCH! It’s a pretty easy one to cover as well. Kids understand it quickly and do it naturally.

However, I’ve found that most resources available are only skin deep and don’t actually require kids to explain their predictions, using evidence from the text, or reflect on their predictions. And to develop higher order thinking skills, explaining and reflecting are VITAL!!! Nor do I find that resources allow kids to read, stop to make a prediction and then read on to see if they were right.

As a result, I created this resource to challenge the predictions my kids make and require them to go a step further.

Each story is double-sided. Students read one side, then stop and make their predictions and explain their reasoning. They then turn to the other side to continue the story to test their predictions. Then students reflect. The predictions, explanations and reflections students gave were 10 times more powerful than the regular one-dimensional responses they normally give.

This resource is also differentiated by reading level so you can give the same story to your strong and weak readers.

Here is an example of the two sides, to one story…

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.18.10 pm    Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.18.15 pm

Have a look if you want to broaden and challenge the quality of predictions your kids are making.

Find the Making Prediction – DIfferentiated Passages resource HERE!


Trigraphs for strugglers!


original-1636513-1.jpgI had a reader who had significant reading issues last year. He struggled specifically when reading longer strains of word patterns…. when he couldn’t simply chunk or break up the word into small parts. Trigraphs, in particular, tripped him up, especially ‘str’ ‘scr’ ‘spr’.Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.26.21 pm

So he needed practice… but I struggled to find anything to support him. Books were hard to find and I couldn’t find anything more than simple word work activities for the trigraphs. I then set out to make some passages for him to practice. We would read them together, then he would read it independently and then he’d complete the comprehension questions to further practice the trigraph (which ultimately helped his spelling!).

If you have readers that struggle with trigraphs or are just focusing on trigraphs as part of your reading or spelling program… have a look!

Have a look at trigraph passages HERE and HERE

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Reading Board Games – Sight Words and Beginning and End Blends – Prep/Kindergarten to 3

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Developing reading fluency can be a challenge, especially if kids are still struggling with their sight words and simple beginning and end blends.

Kids need continual practice reading common words and problem solving simple blends.

These games give your kiddies practice in a FUN way! My kids love playing the games and filling their boards up with the words they have read.

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Find it HERE – Sight Word Board Games

Find it HERE – Beginning and End Blend Board Game

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