Reading Investigation! Be a detective.

Kids love playing detective and the challenge of solving a case. I remember having loved playing detective as a kid and thought the detective genre is a great way to engage for kids in reading. The genre encourages kids to collect clues, make inferences and predictions and write reports stating the facts. This memory inspired me to create an ongoing reading activity based on playing detective and solving a crime using reading skills.

Picture1So I wrote a kid-friendly (rated G) case into four parts and gave it to my kids with a range of accompanying activities where they had to apply their reading strategies into detective reports.

The case challenged students but they were absolutely hooked! Each week they got a different part and I saw them come up and change predictions, make genuine inferences, collect clues and summarise what was going on. It was the best fun they had had in reading groups all year and they loved talking about the case.Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.02.35 PM

The best part of the experience was that it provided them with an integrated opportunity to practice a range of reading strategies. They didn’t even realise they were applying the things we had been working on all year.

Have a look if your after a totally engaging reading experience for you kids.

Find it HERE! This reading pack provides you with an ongoing reading investigations any student would love!


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.02.29 PM


Wow! I have a reading comprehension student (private student) who LOVED this activity so much. He said it is the most fun he has ever had at school. Awesome!!

Wonderful product! Fit beautifully with my predictions lessons. Used whole group spread across a week


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